Two Ways To Block Spammers And Unwanted Callers In Galaxy S8 And S8+ Without Using Any Apps

Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\ Messaging Subsystem, and then expand it to find and delete Profiles key. Here, this article focuses on two cases of SFC error. If none of the above methods fixes the ‘Outlook not responding’ problem, then there are chances that the Outlook PST in your Outlook profile is corrupt. In such scenarios, you need to repair the corrupt PST files. Some users use VPN, Virtual Proxy Network, software because of internet privacy concerns.

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  • You may have to enter your login credentials if required before using the app.
  • Under the Outlook panes section, click the Reading Pane button.
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  • However, there are some simple fixes for most issues.

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Now, you would have to follow the different troubleshooting steps. Out of the installed application sets, you must find and select an office application. This is the prime requirement that you would have to close Microsoft office applications. It is high time to clear all checkboxes in the COM add list. Outlook won’t function properly and could get stuck in the Loading Profile screen if one or more of its files are corrupted. Outlook files can be repaired using an executable in the Outlook installation directory. Luckily, you can solve this problem by running Outlook in safe mode and then disabling hardware acceleration.

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It could also be that you don’t want to leave any evidence of the recent emoji discussion you had with someone via iMessage. Whatever the case may be, if you’re unhappy with the emojis in the Frequently Used section, you can reset it back to Apple’s default recommendations for the Emoji keyboard.

The steps to do both of these actions are closely related as outlined below. This “Rolling Back” fix is usually useful when the cause of the error is a software bug. The fix is not hard, the steps are just a little bit longer than most of the fixes in this article. Follow the recommendations and the error should be permanently resolved. When you choose, the next menu that appears will be the tool going through your system looking for flaws. You can do that by pressing these shortcut keys (Windows + R). The drawback of this fix is folks have complained that the error usually just reoccurs after some time.

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